Hyper Casual Games

Hyper Casual Games

Exclusive peek into the evolution of Hyper Casual games

Preetha Mani

Updated on August 21, 2023

Hyper-casual games have been the buzzword of the last few years. These fun games are incredible, easy to play, have simple gameplay, and are accessible to everyone with a smartphone. They first gained popularity in 2013 with the release of Flappy Bird. With the vibrant 2D design and infinite loop, the makers of these games have cracked the key to engaging gameplay. In a short time, this genre has become popular and profitable for developers. In this blog, we will explore the history, evolution, and future of hyper-casual games.

How are Hyper-Casual Games different from Casual Games?

Hyper-casual games are simple and fast-paced games that can be played in short bursts. Low production cost, simple graphics, and minimal sound effects are the key features of these games. They are free online games, and players need not spend a penny to play them. They are designed to be engaging, with effortless gameplay and a quick learning curve. The developers make a point to make the gameplay so intuitive that the players do not need to learn the game by playing them multiple times. Casual games, on the other hand, have had decades to evolve and have simple gameplay that needs little time to understand.

The key difference between the two are:

  • Not all casual games are free.
  • Casual games take longer than hyper-casual games to develop because of the higher level of gameplay and strategy.
  • Casual games demand more time and attention from the user.
  • Hyper casual games are more engaging than casual games because of the infinite gameplay loop.

The inception of Hyper Casual Games

It all started when Flappy Bird game online went viral after the Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie reviewed it in 2014. This led to many game developers taking the cue and jumping on the Hyper-Casual Game wagon. They began to create games that are more lightweight, easy to develop, reap better revenue, and demand minimal time investment from gamers.

Newer gaming companies emerged as prominent players in the hyper-casual game market, consistently releasing new games with simple and engaging gameplay. Freemium models and the inclusion of ads further fueled the rise of these games for developers. Short game sessions and high return on investment made hyper-casual games ideal for reaping the maximum benefits without disrupting the user experience.

Current scenario

Further, the increase in smartphones and tablets in the new era of mobile gaming has boosted the growth of these online fun games. With stronger processors, these games became faster and marketed better. Today, they reap $2-2.5 billion in revenue worldwide, which is extremely promising for young game developers. The top-grossing hyper-casual games are Helix Jump, Fun Race 3D, and Ice Cream INC. With more and more people having a smaller attention span, short and engaging games have become the need of the hour.

The developers have also ventured into a new form of gaming called Hybrid Casual Games. It combines two or more genres to keep the gamers more engaged. Since hyper-casual games usually have a lower retention rate and shelf life, developers have begun to experiment with combining the engaging aspects of it with the immersive gameplay of other kinds of games.

The future of Hyper Casual Games

Hyper-casual games are here to stay, and the future looks bright. With advanced technology and new game engines, developers can create more complex games while maintaining simplicity. Hyper-casual games have come a long way since their early arcade roots. These games have become a staple of the mobile gaming industry, with millions of players worldwide. They are easy to play, engaging, and fun for all ages, and do not demand a lot of attention from casual gamers.

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