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Best Online Cricket Games
Oct 2023

Best Online Cricket Games For PC And Mobile To Play Now

Cricket is an all-time favorite sport cherished globally. From iconic stadiums to grounds, cricket has transcended cultural and geographical boundaries. However, with the advent of technology, cricket has taken on a new dimension. Many best online cricket games have become popular among casual gamers across the world.
Top Online Chess Sites
Oct 2023

Discover Top 5 Online Chess Sites For A Mind Challenge

This article looks at the top 5 online chess sites you should be using in 2023 and beyond. From in-depth tutorials and puzzles to powerful gaming engines and live tournament broadcasts, these platforms provide a variety of resources.
Top 10 zombie games
Oct 2023

Unlock the Best: Top 10 Zombie Games for Gamers

In the arena of gaming, zombies have risen to prominence and have captured the hearts of players globally. Brace yourselves as we delve deep into the world of entertainment with our meticulously curated list of the top 10 zombie games. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned gamer or just embarking on your undead adventure, this article is your gateway to a thrilling gaming experience.
Puzzle Games Like Minesweeper
Sep 2023

Best Viral Puzzle Games Like Minesweeper To Play Now

Puzzle games have long established themselves as a captivating challenge for many casual game enthusiasts. Among these, Minesweeper has stood the test of time as a beloved classic, with its grid of hidden mines and logical deductions providing hours of entertainment. But if you are looking for more such puzzle games like Minesweeper, then this article is the right place for you.
Hill Climb Racing Online Alternatives
Sep 2023

Epic 7 Best Exciting Games Like Hill Climb Racing Online

Searching for games like hill climb racing online? Check out these seven fantastic games that, despite sharing characteristics with Hill Climb Racing, are still exceptional in their incredible ways.
Games Similar To Flappy Bird
Sep 2023

Ultimate List Of The Best Games Similar To Flappy Bird

In the dynamic mobile gaming landscape, the game "Flappy Bird" emerged as a huge phenomenon that captivated players with its simplicity and challenging gameplay. However, since its removal from the app market, the search for games similar to Flappy Bird has been relentless.
Free Online Tetris Type Games
Aug 2023

9 Engaging Free Online Tetris Type Games to Play Now

There are several free online tetris type games available, and the designers of each one attempt to present a fresh perspective on this greatly loved idea. You may also play several of these Tetris games online through web browsers.
Games Similar to 2048
Aug 2023

2048 Alternatives: Unveiling the Best Games Similar to 2048

The gaming landscape is ever-evolving and has become well-known for its engaging gameplay and challenging puzzle games. Among these, 2048 stands tall as a classic puzzle game that has captured millions of hearts globally. This game, much like other games similar to 2048, involves strategic thinking and satisfying mechanics that have sparked an interest in adults and children alike.
women playing online games
Aug 2023

Are Indian women playing online games as much as men?

Find out the latest statistics and trends on female gaming in India. Read more to learn about the growth and popularity of online gaming among Indian women.
Aug 2023

Digital Board Games to play with friends

Board games always remind us of our childhood. Though time has moved on, board games are timeless. It is one of the best stress busters and most played family games. With advancement in technology, games have also become digital. If you are looking to play digital board games with friends in social gatherings or want to spend quality time with your family, then you might want to scroll down and check out this blog. This blog recommends top digital board games to play with friends and family.
Aug 2023

How To Play Free Online Games Without Downloading

Did you know you can play online games without downloading them? There are many browser games available on multiple websites. Read now to know more.
Friends playing super fun browser games
Aug 2023

Level Up Your Leisure With These Super Fun Browser Games

Playing a web game is the ideal method to pass the time if you're bored or have some downtime, perhaps when you're at work or in class. We've compiled a list of the top short web games to play online while you're sitting around doing nothing to help you beat boredom.
Gamer Playing Free Online Browser Games
Aug 2023

Why Are Free Browser Games Better? Top 8 Advantages

Browser games have been the talk of the decade. Every person who owns a PC or smartphone has played at least one free browser game in their lifetime, irrespective of their age. But what are browser games and how are they different from other games? This blog discusses in detail, what browser games are, how they are played, and their impact on users.
Brain games: online and offline
Aug 2023

5 Brain Games You Can't Miss Playing Online And Offline

While gaming is considered an activity to do in your free time, and it is the favorite pastime for many, it can also help train your mind and improve your brain health.
Master the Art of Call Break
Aug 2023

Ultimate Trump Card: 6 Surprising Call Break Game Facts

Card games have always played a meaningful role in Indian culture. We have seen family members playing cards like rummy and other call break game contests at gatherings, picnics, and other events.