Free Online Tetris Type Games

Free Online Tetris Type Games

9 Engaging Free Online Tetris Type Games to Play Now

Kanchan Sharma

Published on August 24, 2023

There are several free online tetris type games available, and the designers of each one attempt to present a fresh perspective on this greatly loved idea. You may also play several of these Tetris games online through web browsers.

Even though the idea is straightforward, the gaming loop it creates is exciting and can keep players charmed for hundreds of hours. It is simple to grasp, never ends until you fail, and players gradually improve as they play.

The Appeal of Tetris

One of the first, most popular, and easiest video games is Tetris. Tetris is regarded by many as the ideal video game. Almost every gaming console, portable, operating system, and other hardware like calculators have a version of the game.

The issue is that Tetris has been around since the 1980s, and people want free online tetris type games but with a different flavor. And the emergence of many free online games is due to the retro gaming craze, which is the ideal solution to this particular issue.

9 Free Online Tetris Type Games

Tetris-type games are widely available and quite enjoyable. Let's explore some of these entertaining free online tetris type games here:

  1. Fusion Blocks

    Fusion Blocks: Free Block Puzzle Game

    Fusion Blocks: Free Block Puzzle Game

    Fusion Blocks is one of the free online tetris type games available. It is a fun free block puzzle game that EpicPlay has released. Though the gameplay is somewhat different and intuitive, the classic and well-known tetris online game served as inspiration.

    Fit, Form, and Clear are the three principles that drive the game. Three alternative sets of tiles are to be arranged in straight lines, either vertically or horizontally, on the board.

    Upon forming a straight line, the tiles disappear, clearing the board and allowing more room for new tiles. If you pile up tiles on the board without first cleaning, you lose the game.

  2. Hextris

    Hextris: Hexagon Puzzle Game

    Hextris: Hexagon Puzzle Game

    Hextris is yet another of the best free online tetris type games. Your focus and logical reasoning will be put to the test by this engaging puzzle game! With its hexagonal gaming board, this hexagon puzzle game adds a unique twist to the timeless game Tetris.

    Hextris is similar to Tetris in that you must strategically place and combine falling shapes to clear lines and score points. The catch is that you will work with hexagons rather than standard rectangular blocks. This expands the gameplay's complexity and difficulty.

    You must pay special attention to the colors to score highly. The lines disappear when three or more of the same coloring occur in a row. By doing so, you can make room for upcoming new colors.

    However, as you move along in the game, it becomes faster and more difficult. To avoid reaching the top of the screen, plan clever decisions.

  3. Dr. Mario

    Dr. Mario: Online Tetris Type Game

    Dr. Mario: Online Tetris Type Game

    Dr. Mario is one of the best free online tetris type games available. It is a timeless puzzle game with well-known character Mario. Anything with the name Mario on it will by default draw a certain amount of gamers.

    Dr. Mario is a delightful puzzle game that doesn't just rely on the Mario brand to boost sales; its gameplay is also incredibly compelling and enjoyable. To remove viruses from the board, players must match up various colored pills. As players go through levels and viruses occur in increasingly difficult formations, the game's difficulty rises.

    Players must remove all of the viruses on the board by matching blocks of the same color to them in groups of four rather than clearing lines as they would in Tetris. Players lose if the blocks get filled.

  4. Lumines

    Lumines is another one of the exciting free online tetris type games. Although you must pay to play the more popular version of Lumines, you may play a comparable free tetris type game.

    The gameplay is to create anything larger than a two by two square before the line passes, which might be challenging at first. It's much more complicated than it appears to do this in a square shape with two colors.

    Similar to Tetris, this game requires you to match the falling blocks' colors to remove them from the board. The blocks do, however, display on a moving game board that keeps changing every few seconds as opposed to a static game board.

    Large combinations become more complex when the game is faster since the blocks disappear more quickly. But when the game is slower, losing earlier is also more likely.

  5. Tetris 3D

    Tetris 3D is one of the best free online tetris type games, giving you a real brain rush. The blocks in this Tetris game curve around the exterior of a cylinder as you play.

    Similar to Tetris, players handle several falling blocks, twisting and placing them to remove layers from a three-dimensional scene. Tetris 3D modifies the rules a little. You'll have to move objects around a circle instead of a 2D board.

    The game offers a variety of modes and sub-modes, as well as difficulty levels and settings. Classic, Time Track, and Leveller modes are available for selection.

  6. Puyo Puyo

    The original version of Puyo Puyo was renamed Dr. Robotnick's Mean Bean Machine to make it more appealing to American gamers.

    In this game, players must match various colored blobs that drop from the top of the screen to remove them from the board. However, unlike other online puzzle games where blocks fall in specified forms, this one requires matching colors.

    Additionally, players can use these blobs to form chains that can stop numerous blobs simultaneously.

    Puyo Puyo Tetris and its sequel are some of those free online tetris type games players need to play if they want a challenging puzzle experience. Here, players have the option to play either game independently or in rounds that include both players.

  7. Tricky Towers

    Tricky Towers is another one of the free online tetris type games available. This puzzle game is perhaps the newest and least well-known on the list, but it deserves to be mentioned because of how different it is.

    The tower-building gameplay in this tetris type game is physics-based. Tetris-like visuals are present, but the gameplay is altogether different. Although there are falling blocks, the objective is to stack the blocks into a tower as opposed to removing rows in Tetris.

    Blocks may fall from the tower while rows do not disappear, and random blocks may fall from the top of the screen. Depending on the game option, the player assumes control of one of the multiple wizard avatars and is required to build his wizard tower as swiftly and steadily as possible while competing against other wizards.

    The multiplayer options also provide the competitive element with a unique twist.

  8. Column

    Columns is one of the most popular free online tetris type games available. It is one of the many tile-matching puzzle games that came out in the late 1980s following Tetris' enormous success.

    This timeless free Tetris type game requires matching gems of different colors to remove them from the board. Players must make vertical or diagonal matches to remove the three-block sets as they fall.

    Three-symbol columns (such as three different-colored diamonds) rise to the top of the well one at a time, fall to the bottom, and either rest on the ground or on top of other "columns" that have already fallen.

    The user can rotate the placements of the symbols inside a column while it is dropping, as well as move it left and right.

  9. Tetris Gems

    And the last one on our list of best free online tetris type games is Tetris Gems. A different version of the famous game is available for free on the Tetris website. Tetris Gems is a cascade game presently in beta.

    You start Tetris Gems with a few layers of rock at the board's base. Instead of a row disappearing in its whole after a line gets cleared, it splits into ten smaller blocks and falls.

    More lines below are cleared by these pieces, resulting in massive combos. You'll find gems that provide valuable boosts as you cut through the rock. Without losing the essence of the original Tetris game, it is just sufficiently different to offer Tetris lovers something new to appreciate.

Wrap Up

This article has discussed both classic and modern variations of Tetris. All these free online tetris type games provide hours of engaging entertainment. Any of these games should satisfy that Tetris-like itch if you're seeking a fresh puzzle game to try.

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