Hextris: Play The Best Ultimate Hexagon Puzzle Game Online

Welcome to Hextris, the exciting hexagon puzzle game that will test your concentration and logic skills! Inspired by the classic game Tetris, Hextris brings a unique twist with its hexagonal game board.

Just like Tetris, Hextris requires you to strategically place and match falling shapes to clear lines and earn points. But here's the catch - instead of working with traditional rectangular blocks, you'll be dealing with hexagons. This adds an extra layer of complexity and challenge to the gameplay.

To score high in this hexagon puzzle game online, you need to pay close attention to the colors. Matching three or more lines of the same color in a row will make them disappear. This enables you to clear space on the board for more colors to come.

But beware, the game gets progressively faster and more challenging as you advance. You'll need to think ahead and plan your moves carefully to avoid reaching the top of the screen. One wrong move could lead to a game over!

If you're ready to test your concentration and logic, jump into Hextris and start stacking hexagons! Get ready for an addictive gaming experience like no other.

About - Hextris, the Hexagon Puzzle Game

Hextris is a game inspired by Tetris. However, Hextris adds a unique twist by utilizing a hexagonal game board instead of the traditional rectangular one. It has gained popularity due to its engaging nature.

One of the reasons why Hextris is so engaging is its simplicity combined with its challenging gameplay. Players must strategically place and match colors to clear lines and earn points. This requires concentration and quick thinking, as the lines continuously emerge from either side of the screen.

EpicPlay caters to both desktop and mobile users with this hexagon puzzle game online. This accessibility allows players to enjoy Hextris on their preferred devices. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re playing it on a computer or a mobile phone.

If you're looking for a game that offers engaging and enjoyable gameplay, Hextris is the perfect choice. So, are you ready for endless fun and entertainment?

Gameplay of Hexagon Puzzle Online

In Hextris, your objective is to clear colored lines by joining at least three lines of the same color. Let's explore the gameplay with a series of screenshots to understand how to play the game.

Hextris: Hexagon Puzzle Game Online
Hextris: Hexagon Puzzle Game Online
  1. Tap the left and right keys to rotate the central hexagon. This allows you to strategically position it to match the colors.
  2. Join at least three lines of the same color by aligning the hexagon. When you do this, those lines disappear, and you earn points.
  3. To score more points in this hexagon puzzle game, clear the colored lines quickly by continuously joining the same colors. Be fast and precise in your moves.
  4. However, be careful not to fill the hexagon completely, as this will lead to the end of the game. Stay focused and plan your moves wisely.
  5. The game continues as long as you can keep clearing the colored lines. The game is over if you fill the lines on the hexagon.

How to Play & Rules of Hexagon Puzzle Game

Would you like to learn the rules and how to play the hexagon puzzle online? Here’s a breakdown of it!

How to play

  1. Desktop: To rotate the central shape on a desktop, you can use the left and right arrow keys or the A and D keys. Additionally, you can left-click your mouse to rotate the shape.
  2. Mobile: On a mobile device, tap the left side of the screen to rotate the central shape to the left and tap the right side of the screen to rotate it to the right.


  1. The objective of Hextris is to clear color strips by matching at least three lines of the same color.
  2. When three or more lines of the same color form a line, they will disappear.
  3. The game ends if the color strips fall outside the hexagon shape. Therefore, be careful not to let them stack up too high.
  4. Clearing multiple lines at once will give you a higher score and can create combo chains for additional points.
  5. As you progress, the speed of the falling shapes will increase.

Tips and Tricks to Achieve a High Score in Hexagon Puzzle Game

Let us start discussing tips about the hexagon puzzle online first:


  1. Stay focused and keep an eye on the upcoming shapes. Anticipate their positions to plan your moves in advance.
  2. Analyze the board, and look for chances to align three lines horizontally or vertically. Identify potential matches in rows or columns.
  3. Aim to create combos by clearing multiple lines simultaneously in this hexagon puzzle game. This will earn you bonus points.
  4. Be mindful of the colors of the shapes. Try to prioritize matching colors that are nearing the top of the board.
  5. Practice your reflexes to quickly rotate the central shape and position it correctly.
  6. Stay calm and avoid making hasty moves.


  1. Rotate the central shape strategically to create matches.
  2. Look for chances to create chain reactions in this hexagon puzzle online. Clearing one line may cause the shapes above to fall and create additional matches.
  3. Prioritize matching colors that are close to forming a line. Clearing these lines will prevent the board from filling up quickly.
  4. When the board gets crowded, focus on clearing the top lines to create more space.

System Requirements For Hextris Game

Hextris is an accessible game that can be enjoyed on various devices without the need for high specifications. Here are the basic system requirements to ensure a smooth gaming experience:

  1. Windows 7 (64-bit) or higher
  2. Android 4.4 or higher
  3. iOS 8 or higher

With these system requirements, you can easily play Hextris, the hexagon puzzle game, on your preferred device and immerse yourself in the engaging world of colorful shape-matching!