Runout Champ Game - Run Out Cricket Game

Cricket games are all about the sport we love. They offer a thrilling experience of being on the field, where you can enjoy hitting sixes, taking wickets, and making amazing catches. However, for those who relish the tactical challenge of runouts, there's something special just for you – introducing "Runout Champ: Run Out Cricket Game".

For cricket enthusiasts, the Runout Champ game will leave you thrilled and keep you on the edge of your seat! This game is all about those adrenaline-pumping moments when a batsman runs for a quick single, and you have to hit the stumps to get them out.

One popular format of cricket games that people enjoy playing is called Howzat. In this game, you get to play as your favorite cricket team and players, batting, bowling, and fielding just like in a real match. It's like experiencing the cricket stadium in the comfort of your house.

So, if you're a die-hard cricket fan and want to experience the excitement of making crucial runouts, Runout Champ is the game for you!

About - Batsman Run Out Game

EpicPlay has developed the Runout Champ game to let you experience playing cricket in real. In this game, your mission is to run out the batsman before they score runs. The batsman will try to take quick singles. You have to be quick and accurate to hit the stumps before they cross the crease.

The game is designed with different challenges to test your skills. You'll face various scenarios like direct hits from the outfield or stumpings behind the wickets. Each challenge will put your reflexes and precision to the test, just like in a real cricket match!

So, if you're eager to sharpen your cricketing abilities and have a blast while doing it, don't wait any longer!

Gameplay - Runout Champ

RunOut Champ: Cricket Game Online
RunOut Champ: Cricket Game Online

To help you understand the game better, let’s dive into the gameplay and see what different modes this game has:

  1. Starting the Game

    As you launch Runout Champ, you'll see a tap to start the game and different modes you can select from on the home screen.
  2. Choosing the Mode

    Next, you'll have the option to choose your game mode. There are three modes to select from:
    1. Normal Mode: In this mode, you'll face regular batsmen trying to take quick runs. Your task is to run them out before they reach the crease!
    2. Golden Wicket Mode: In this mode, Instead of 3 stumps, there will only be only one wicket stump you need to hit. You must aim for the stumps with precision to earn golden wickets!
    3. Time Stumps Mode: In Time Stumps Mode, you're up against the clock! At the start, you’ll have 10 seconds. With each hit, you’ll get an extra 1 second. Run out as many batsmen as possible within the given time limit.
  3. Three Chances to Hit the Stumps

    Once you've chosen a mode, the real challenge begins! You'll have three chances to throw the ball and hit the stumps. This is only available in the normal and golden wicket modes.Every successful runout will earn you points.
  4. Game Over

    Remember, if you miss hitting the stumps three times, the game will be over.

How to play & Rules - Run Out Cricket Game

Let's first discuss how to play the "Runout Cricket Game":

How to play

  1. Desktop: To aim, simply move the mouse cursor to your desired position and flick it to throw the ball toward the stumps.
  2. Mobile: On your mobile, just touch and drag your finger to your desired position and flick it to throw the ball toward the stumps.


  1. Your goal is to run out the batsman by hitting the stumps before they cross the crease.
  2. You have three chances to throw the ball and hit the stumps.
  3. Each successful runout will earn you points.
  4. Missing the stumps three times will result in a game over.

Tips and Tricks - Score High in Run Out Game

Let's begin with the tips and then move on to the tricks:


  1. Aim for the stumps by placing the cursor/finger slightly ahead of the batsman's running path.
  2. Consecutive wickets earn bonus points
  3. Keep an eye on the timer to ensure you dismiss the batsman before they reach the crease.
  4. Keep an eye on the timer but avoid rushing.


  1. Practice throwing the ball from various angles to increase your chances of hitting the stumps.
  2. Master the side angle technique to run out batsmen when only a single stump is visible.
  3. Adjust your throw angles according to the wind speed to ensure the ball hits the stumps accurately.
  4. Train yourself to make quick decisions on when to throw the ball.

System Requirements

Run Out Champ is an exciting cricket game that can be enjoyed on multiple platforms. Here are the basic system requirements for playing Run Out Champ:

  1. Windows 7 (64-bit) or higher
  2. Android 4.4 or higher
  3. iOS 8 or higher

Please note that these are the minimum requirements, and the game may run on devices that meet or exceed these specifications. Get ready to experience the thrill of running out batsmen on your favorite device!