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Block puzzle games are a genre of puzzle games that involve manipulating and fitting different-shaped blocks within a confined space. The objective is to create complete rows or columns of blocks, which then disappear, allowing for more blocks to fall into the play area. The gameplay mechanics often resemble traditional Tetris-style gameplay but with a focus on arranging blocks in a strategic manner. People love block puzzle games for several reasons:

  1. The gameplay is simple and engaging.
  2. It involves strategic thinking, so it’s a good exercise for the brain.
  3. There is challenge and progression involved to keep you engaged.
  4. The gameplay is quick and casual.
  5. There are competitive and social elements in the game.
  6. It is good for relaxation and stress relief.

The history of block puzzle games dates back to 1984 when Tetris was developed by Alexey Pajitnov. The game involved fitting different-shaped blocks called tetrominoe into a playfield, clearing lines when they were completed. Tetris became a global phenomenon and inspired countless block puzzle games that followed.

About - Fusion Blocks, Free Tetris 🕹️🧱🧩

Fusion Blocks is an engaging free block game introduced by EpicPlay. It is inspired by The age-old and popular Tetris game, however, the gameplay is slightly different and intuitive. The following factors make Fusion Blocks interesting to play.

The gameplay runs on three things: Fit, Form, and Clear. You are given three different options of tiles that you must fit on the board to form straight lines vertically or horizontally. Once a straight line is formed, the tiles disappear, clearing the board and making more space for new tiles to be placed. You lose the game if you fill the board with tiles without clearing them.

  1. The game has a challenging side that makes you want to progress more and faster.
  2. The pace of the game is as quick as you can play. So you will want to play more.
  3. The game’s colorful interface offers a bright and happy vibe, keeping you hooked to the game.
  4. It is meant for gamers of all levels and interests, so anybody can play it.

Gameplay of Tetris Block Puzzle Online

The gameplay of Fusion Blocks is simple yet challenging. You must try to keep the board clear by continuously forming straight lines of the tiles. The longer you last in the game, the higher you score. Additionally, there are three modes in the game.

Classic Mode

This is a simple process. You are provided with three options of tiles with each move. You must place the tiles to form a straight line and clear the board.

Time Mode

This is similar to the Classic Mode but comes with a timer. The timer keeps revising as you build and clear new straight lines. If you fail to clear the board from time to time, the timer exhausts and you lose.

Advance Mode

In the Advance Mode, you are provided with three options of tiles, which can even be rotated horizontally and vertically. The advantage is that the customization helps you fit the tiles faster and clear the board easily.

Fusion Blocks: Tetris Game Online
Fusion Blocks: Tetris Game Online

How to play & Rules - Free Tetris for PC & Mobile

How to play

  1. Open the Fusion Blocks block puzzle game.
  2. Click the Play button on screen.
  3. Choose one of the three modes:
    1. Classic Mode, where the gameplay is simple and straightforward. You must fit the tiles to form a straight line and clear the board. If you fail to do so, you lose.
    2. Time Mode, where you must mind a timer that is ticking and play as much as you can while it is active. If you fail to clear the board while it is active, you lose.
    3. Advance Mode, where you can rotate the tiles to fit them as needed on the board and play without a timer.
  4. After choosing a mode, the game starts.
  5. Pick a tile from the option of 3 tiles.
  6. Drag it and place it on the board so as to form a straight line vertically or horizontally.
  7. Forming a straight line will clear that line on the board to make space for new tiles.
  8. Continue to clear the board to play longer.
  9. If you fill the board, you lose.

Mobile Controls

  1. Drag and drop tiles by tapping them.
  2. Tap and hold a tile to rotate it in the Advance Mode.

Desktop Controls

  1. Tap on a tile using the touchpad or click on it to hold it.
  2. Drag and drop the tile to place it on the board.
  3. Tap on a tile or click on it to rotate it in the Advance Mode.


Although there are no set rules for the game, here are some things you must take care of:

  1. Plan your moves carefully.
  2. Study the board and the tiles before you decide to place them.
  3. Avoid leaving gaps on the board because it may be problematic in clearing the board.

Tips and Tricks - Score High In Fusion Blocks

Block puzzle games are simple to play but even require some strategy to score high. Below are some tips and tricks to get a high score in Fusion Blocks.


  1. Plan ahead: Try to anticipate the shape of the upcoming tile and plan where you want to place it. Think about how it will fit with the existing blocks and create opportunities for clearing lines.
  2. Keep the field tidy: Aim to keep your playfield as clean as possible by avoiding gaps and uneven stacks. A clean playfield allows for easier line clears and provides more flexibility in placing Tetriminos.
  3. Prioritize clearing lines: Clearing lines should be your main focus. Aim to create complete horizontal or vertical lines whenever possible to prevent filling the board.
  4. Master the T-Spin: A T-Spin is a special move that involves rotating a T-shaped Tetrimino into a tight space to create a line clear. Learning and practicing T-Spins can significantly boost your score and open up new possibilities for clearing lines.
  5. Maintain a flat surface: Avoid building uneven stacks that leave gaps between blocks. A flat surface makes it easier to place Tetriminos and reduces the chances of creating difficult-to-fill holes.
  6. Learn from others: Watch videos of skilled players or participate in online communities to learn new strategies and techniques. Observing experienced players can give you insights into advanced moves and creative solutions.
  7. Play regularly: Like any skill, consistent practice is essential to improving your Tetris abilities. Regularly playing Fusion Blocks will help you familiarize yourself with different Tetrimino shapes, improve your decision-making, and enhance your overall gameplay.


  1. Look for opportunities to create vertical gaps and fill them with I-shaped Tetriminos to achieve Tetrises whenever possible.
  2. Aim to create consecutive line clears without gaps in between.
  3. Whenever possible, try to clear more than one line at a time. Look for opportunities to place tiles that will complete two or three lines simultaneously.
  4. Use the Rotate option in the Advance mode to place tiles accurately and clear the lines quickly.
  5. Like any skill, practice is key. Regularly playing Fusion Blocks will help you improve your reflexes, decision-making, and overall gameplay.

System Requirements

To ensure a seamless gaming experience while playing Fusion Blocks on EpicPlay, it is essential to meet some basic device requirements. While the game has user-friendly controls, a high-performance device can enhance gameplay. Therefore, check if your device satisfies the following specifications for the best gaming experience.

However, it is recommended to have a stable internet connection for smooth gameplay. Overall, the system requirements for Fusion Blocks are very minimal and should be compatible with most devices.