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The inception of arcade games started with physical gaming galleries. The first coin-operated pinball machines were witnessed in the 1930s. But it was not until 1971 when Computer Space was laughed at by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney, that video game arcades became a trend. In the 90s as internet penetration became more prevalent, arcade games were slowly ported into home consoles. Today’s online arcade games are not very different from the physical arcades. Original arcades required players to drop coins in a machine to allow them to play whereas today’s arcade games are mostly played online and for free.

Arcade games are divided into primarily two categories — game of chance and game of skill. Most of today’s online arcade games are games of skill, rather than of chance.


Best Arcade Games on EpicPlay 🎮🎰

Space Invader

Space Invader is a simple yet challenging space shooter game that involves a spaceship traveling through the vastness of space. The ship should shoot the hurdles on its way – asteroids, enemy ships, and others, to make its way back to its home. For every asteroid and enemy ship you shoot down, you will earn points.

Chop’em All 🔪🍉

Chop’em All is a free browser version of the famous fruit cut game online (Fruit Ninja). All you need to do is chop the fruits and gems that are tossed your way and dodge the bombs. There are three modes you can play in — classic, zen, and arcade.

The classic mode allows players to play the most basic version of the game. The zen mode, on the other hand, allows players to continuously play the game without bombs and other disturbances. Arcade mode is the most difficult mode to crack and gets increasingly difficult with more distractions tossed in the player’s way while the speed at which the fruits are tossed increases.

Flying Bird

Flying Bird is a simple yet fun game. All you need to do is balance the little bird through hurdles and fly as far as possible. This flappy bird game online tests the players’ hand-eye coordination, cognitive skills, and responses. Although simple, the game can be frustrating to win and is recognized as one of the hardest and most engaging games in the world.

Pac Man

PacMan game online is a maze chase action video game where the player needs to help Pac Man get out of the maze by eating all the dots while avoiding the colored ghosts. If he gets caught by a colored ghost, he will die. However, when the ghosts turn blue momentarily and randomly, Pac Man will have the ability to eat them and score more points.

Different Types of Arcade Games 🕹️

Classic Arcade Games

Classic arcade games are the original games arcades started with. Their main characteristics are simple gameplay and visuals. Pac Man and Space Invaders are prime examples of classic arcade games that can be found online today as well.

Modern Arcade Games

Modern arcade games are the ones that were created recently and consist of complex gameplay and compelling visuals. These include racing games, point-of-view shooting games, and sports-inspired arcade games.

Retro Games

Retro games are very similar to classic arcade games, except they are games inspired by the 80s and 90s consoles. They are developed in a way that feels and looks like the original. It is unique because of its nostalgic value and is appreciated by older gamers.

Flash Revival

These games are inspired by the flash games of the 2000s. They are often engaging with simple gameplay. They are created by fans of the Flash games era in the 2000s.

Best Free Arcade Games To Play Without Downloading

Flappy Bird

One of the most popular and engaging games of recent times is the flappy bird. The game is simple yet engaging. You can play this game without downloading it and for free on EpicPlay.

Pac Man

Pac Man is one of the most popular arcade games ever created. It is very addicting and fun to play. The objective of this game is to eat the dots and get out of the maze before the ghosts catch us. If we are caught, we’ll be dead.

Space Invader

Space Invader is another classic arcade game. The simple yet compelling gameplay with science fiction elements made this game a massive hit in the ’90s. You can play this game for free and without downloading it on EpicPlay.

Why Players Love Arcade Games

The initial reason people loved physical arcades is for their unique atmosphere. There were gamers everywhere and it was a great place to adopt the spirit if you were interested in gaming. The games are simple, yet hard to crack and extremely competitive. Today, gamers love the nostalgic factor while playing these games. Although newer games exist, they are simple yet engaging and competitive like the original games. These games also require less effort and time to play since the gameplay is simple. This makes gamers of all ages and epochs love them.

System Requirements

To have a smooth gaming experience on EpicPlay, you only need to meet the basic device requirements.

  1. Windows 7 (64-bit) or higher
  2. Android 4.4 or higher
  3. iOS 8 or higher