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Shooter Games: Play Online Shooting Games for Free

Shooter games have become the games of the decade, with new releases every week. They are a popular video gaming genre that uses firearms and other projectile weapons to defeat enemies. The game also has gathered a massive following for its versatility with subgenres such as first-person shooter (FPS) and third-person shooter (TPS).

The first commercial game was developed in 1974 by a programmer named Tomohiro Nishikado. It was called "Western Gun." It was an arcade game with players representing cowboys, shooting each other. These games were groundbreaking for their time, featuring simple gameplay and immersive graphics. Its immediate success helped set the foundation for future shooter games. Today, numerous shooter games are available on various platforms. Some popular shooter games include Call of Duty, Halo, Overwatch, and Fortnite. They are fast-paced and action-packed, requiring players to have quick reflexes, good aim, and strategic thinking.

The shooter genre has evolved inevitably, with entertaining gameplay, engaging storytelling, and many sub-genres. Today, most of these games require you to download them on your smartphones or desktops. However, you can play shooter games on EpicPlay for free and without downloading.


Collections of Shooter Games on Epicplay

Space Invader

Space Invader has elements of both arcade and shooter games and is enjoyable for all ages. It is also inspired by one of the earliest space shooter game, Spacewar! The gameplay is simple — all the player needs to do is shoot down the asteroids and enemy spaceships to get the spaceship home safely.

Strike Balls 🥫⚾️

StrikeBall game is a simple yet engaging game. All the player has to do is throw the balls at the cans. The more cans the player strikes, the better. It challenges the players’ cognitive skills and hand-eye coordination. Anyone of any age can play this game and stay entertained for hours.

Zombvival 🧟

Zombvival is a top-down third-person shooter survival game. All you must do is escape the zombie apocalypse and kill them all. It is a straightforward yet challenging zombie attack game emphasizing hand-eye coordination, strategy, and planning.

Different Types of Shooting Games

  1. First-person shooter (FPS): The player sees the game world from the character’s perspective in an FPS game. This genre often includes realistic graphics and immersive gameplay, making players feel like they are in the game world. FPS games have a powerful narrative component, with players taking on the role of a specific character and progressing through a story.
  2. Third-person shooter: In a third-person shooter, the player sees their character from a third-person perspective, usually over the character’s shoulder from behind. This genre often includes strategic combat, with players needing to take cover and use the environment to their advantage. Third-person shooters often have a more action-oriented focus than FPS games, with less emphasis on storytelling.
  3. Shoot them up: These are classic arcade-style shooter games with the player controlling a shooter. This shooter could be a gun shooting balloons or a spacecraft shooting down waves of enemy ships. They have simple gameplay yet are challenging because of the high number of hostiles on the screen and limited resources.
  4. Light gun shooter: The light gun shooter game originated with a light gun controller for home consoles, allowing players to aim and shoot at targets on the screen. Today, it is one of the main shooter-arcade games played by all. These games generally have criminals, zombies, or objects such as eggs and apples as the antagonist. The player shoots down as many as possible and sets the highest score.
  5. Artillery game: Artillery games are usually multiplayer games of 2 or more players who take turns and use war machines to destroy each other. The gameplay is simple and involves aiming an opponent’s tank. It requires players to plan their attacks and account for factors such as wind and terrain. Categorized under strategic shooting games, these are fun and engaging for all age groups.
  6. Battle Royale: This popular sub-genre of shooter games often involves multiple players competing in a last-man-standing battle. Players must scavenge for weapons and resources while avoiding danger — from other players and the environment. Battle Royale games often have a robust multiplayer component, with players competing against each other in real-time.

Best Free Shooting Games for PC To Play Without Downloading

  1. Vampire Survivors: Vampire Survivors is a popular game that can be played without downloading. The gameplay is simple yet needs strategy and hand-eye coordination to score the best. The game has PC as well as browser versions of the game.
  2. Surviour.io: Surviour.io is a similar game to EpicPlay’s Zombvival. The player has to survive the enemies and take their gems to score more points. It is a simple yet fun game that challenges cognitive and strategy skills.
  3. Space Shooter: Space Shooter is a similar game to EpicPlay’s Space Invader. The game aims to shoot down obstacles such as asteroids and enemy ships and reach home safely. As the player progresses through the levels, the game gets hard and challenges the player’s hand-eye coordination.
  4. Can Knockdown: Can Knockdown is a similar game to EpicPlay’s Strike Balls game. All the player has to do is throw the balls at the soda cans and knock them off the table. As the level increases, the difficulty of the game also increases.

Popular Multiplayer Shooter Games Online

Shooter games are mostly multiplayer games that you can play against friends. It is incredibly satisfying to defeat a friend and knock them out or team up with friends to defeat enemies in this genre. Moreover, these games also have designated chat rooms in the first-person shooter, and third-person shooter games, which makes strategizing and playing with friends more fun. These games also improve concentration, cognitive thinking, strategic planning skills, and hand-eye coordination.

Why Players Love Playing Shooter Games

Shooting games improve cognitive functioning, brain function, hand-eye coordination, spatial reasoning, spatial focus, visual acuity, and decision-making. These benefits make these games not just fun to play but also beneficial for players — young and old alike. It also promotes teamwork opportunities and social interactions. Thus, making a kind of game worth playing even with friends, family, and colleagues.