Play Ludo Game Online with Friends

Playing the Ludo game online with friends can be a pleasant and exciting way to entertain yourself. Start playing ludo, a timeless board game played for decades by players of all ages. Ludo with friends worldwide is now more convenient than ever with the development of online gaming.

Ludo is a game of luck and strategy that involves moving your pawns around the board and trying to get them to the finish line before your opponents. It's a game that's easy to learn but can take a lifetime to master, making it an excellent choice for casual and competitive players.

Many websites and apps allow you to play ludo online with friends. Create a game, invite your friends to join, and you're ready to start rolling the dice and making your moves. Many online Ludo games also offer different variations and rules to keep things interesting, so you can switch things up and try something new.

About - Free Classic Ludo Game

Free Classic Ludo Game is an online version of the popular board game ludo, which can be played for free on various websites and mobile apps. The game follows the same rules as the traditional Ludo game, where each player has four pawns that they must move around the board by rolling dice.

The game's goal is to be the first player to move all four of your pawns from the starting point to the finish line. Players take turns rolling the dice and moving their pawns accordingly, trying to avoid being knocked off the board by their opponents.

Ludo Matka is an online version of the popular board game ludo, which has become increasingly popular recently. Players move their pawns around the board and roll dice like in ludo classic game to cross the finish line first. Some features of Ludo Matka are below:

  1. It is entirely free to play, meaning anyone can join in the fun spending any money.
  2. Players can earn virtual coins by winning games or completing various challenges. These coins can be used to purchase new dice designs, board themes, and other customizations to make your playing experience more personalized and enjoyable.
  3. Ludo Matka also provides various game modes, including single-player, multiplayer, and online multiplayer. Players can play against computer-controlled opponents, friends on the same device, or other players worldwide.
  4. It is available in solo (with computer), online multiplayer, and play-with-friends modes. Furthermore, online multiplayer and play-with-friends modes have two options: Quick and Classic, two-player and four-player.

Gameplay of 2 Player Ludo Game

Two player Ludo game follows the same rules as traditional ludo, with each player having two sets of colored pawns that they move around the board by rolling dice. In order to win, a player must be the first to move all of their pawns from the starting point to the finish line. The player with the highest number on their dice gets to go first and roll again to determine how many blocks they can move. Then, each player rolls a die and alternately moves one of their pawns anticlockwise across the board.

Participants must move exactly the number of squares shown on the dice and can only move their pawns in a clockwise orientation. The opponent's pawn is knocked off the board and must start again from scratch if a player lands on the spot already occupied by their opponent's pawn. Players must move their pawns from the starting point to the finish line by reaching the designated end blocks for each color. Once a player's pawns have reached the finish line, that player is declared the winner.

Two-player Ludo game can be played in various modes, including online multiplayer, where players can compete against friends or other players worldwide. Overall, this game is a fun and competitive way to enjoy the classic board game with a friend or family member.

2 player Ludo matka
2 player Ludo matka

How to play & Rules - Multiplayer Ludo Online

Multiplayer ludo online is a virtual version of the classic board game that can be played with multiple players online. The game follows the same rules as traditional ludo, with players moving their pawns around the board by rolling the dice and trying to reach the finish line before their opponents.


In multiplayer ludo online, players use simple controls to move their pawns around the board. The dice can be rolled by clicking on the dice on the bottom left. Once the die has rolled, players can select the pawn they want to move by clicking or tapping on it.

Players can click on the block they want to move the selected pawn. The pawn will automatically move the correct number of blocks based on the number shown on the dice. If a player rolls a six, they get to roll again and take an additional turn.

For mobile devices, players can 'tap' functionality to play the game.

How to play

The dice numbers are used to move your pawns around the board in ludo. Here's how you can use the dice numbers:

  1. Roll the dice: To begin your turn, roll the dice by clicking or tapping on the dice at the bottom. You can move your pawn by so many steps depending on the number on the dice.
  2. Choose a pawn: After rolling the dice, choose a pawn to move. You can choose one by clicking or tapping on it.
  3. Move the pawn: Once you've selected a pawn, you can move the number of blocks indicated by the dice. Wherever you wish to move the pawn, press or push down on the area. The pawn will automatically move to the selected block.
  4. Knocking off opponent: You can knock off an opponent pawn by advancing to the block where it is placed.
  5. Win the game: Ludo aims to get your pawns to the end zone before your rivals do. You win the game once you've gotten every pawn to the goal.


  1. To begin the game, each player selects a color and takes four pawns of that color.
  2. Then, each player has a turn rolling the dice to see how many blocks they can move their pawns.
  3. Players must move their pawns in a clockwise direction and move the exact number of blocks shown on the dice.
  4. If a player rolls a six, they are given another roll and an additional turn.
  5. If a player's pawn lands on a block already occupied by an opponent's pawn, the opponent's pawn is knocked off the board and must start over from the beginning.

Multiplayer ludo online offers several variations and customizable rules to keep things interesting. For example, players can choose to play with different numbers of pawns or change the number of rolls allowed per turn. The game also offers different board designs and themes to personalize the playing experience.

Players can create a game and invite friends or other players to join to play multiplayer ludo online in real time. If you leave a multiplayer game mid-way, the die rolls automatically and pawn moves depending on the die's number, to prevent the gameplay from being affected.

Tips and Tricks - Win Ludo Game

Knowing when to open your pawns in ludo can be crucial in winning the game. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Consider the board layout: Before opening your pawns, look at the board and consider where your opponents' pawns are located. If their pawns are positioned to knock out your pawns easily, it may be better to wait before opening them.
  2. Use sixes wisely: Rolling a six is an excellent opportunity to open your pawns, but save it by opening a non-strategically positioned pawn. Alternatively, open a pawn in a fantastic position to advance toward the finish line using the six.
  3. Prioritize your pawns: If you have multiple pawns, prioritize opening the pawns in the best position to move towards the finish line. If you do this, you'll have the highest chance of winning the game.

Creating a strategy in ludo can be the key to winning the game. Here are some tricks to help you create a winning strategy:

  1. Focus on moving your pawns towards the finish line. Your primary objective should be to move your pawns towards the finish line. Focus on opening pawns closest to the finish line and prioritize moving them.
  2. Only move some of your pawns at once. Moving them at once may seem like a good idea, but it can leave them vulnerable to attack. Instead, move your pawns strategically, one at a time, to avoid losing them.
  3. Use your pawns to obstruct opponents and slow them down. This can give you an edge and enable you to move your pawns closer to the goal.
  4. Pay attention to your opponent's moves. Keep an eye on your opponent's moves and adjust your strategy accordingly. If they get too close to the finish line, use your pawns to obstruct or knock them off the board.
  5. Use your dice rolls wisely. Your dice rolls can be used strategically to move your pawns closer to the finish line or to block your opponents. Make good use of them and plan.

System Requirements

  1. Ludo Matka can be played on Windows 7, Android 4.4, iOS 8 or higher versions. You can play it on browsers including Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox. Android WebView also supports it.
  2. It is important to note that these are the minimum system requirements and that higher specifications may be required for optimal performance.