8 Ball Pool Game Online Play On PC And Mobile For Free

8 Ball Pool game online is the most popular multiplayer pool game on the planet. Play with friends or players online and compete against each other in a game of pool. This free multiplayer game allows you to play pool with an immersive gaming experience.

The game became popular when MiniClip introduced its version in 2008. Since then, it has gained a massive following online and offline. Several online versions are available, but they all demand you to download the game or pay to play. Whereas, EpicPlay's 8 Ball Pool game online lets you play your favorite pool sport for hours without downloading or paying a penny.

About - 8 Ball Pool Game Online

8 Ball Pool game online by EpicPlay is a great game to pass the time, especially if you are interested in cue sports games. The gameplay is simple yet engaging with the help of life-like graphics and motions. Striking the balls with the cue stick feels real. The game also gives you a tutorial to help you play and tells you if you have committed a foul. You can play against the computer or another player. Whether you are a seasoned pool player or a newbie, this game will provide you with endless hours of fun and entertainment.

Gameplay Of 8 Ball Pool Online Multiplayer

The gameplay for the 8 Ball Pool game online in EpicPlay simulates the real-life experience of playing pool. The room and the atmosphere make you think you are standing next to a billiards table with a cue stick. You can choose to play either against a computer or against another player. The game against the computer has three levels. You can choose your level depending on your skill and experience. While playing against another player, you can take turns and play. The person needs to be with you to play the multiplayer option. You can play 1vs1 or 2vs2 in the multiplayer option.

8 Ball Pool Game Online
8 Ball Pool Game Online

As the game starts, you will first be taught the game – how to strike, move the cue ball, and where to click to get the perfect spin. The first player will strike a shot. You can easily aim the stick to the ball you want to pocket, and the game shows you which direction the ball will roll if you hit it from an angle. This makes the game more interesting and fun to play.

8 Ball Pool Online
8 Ball Pool Online

The sound of the cue stick hitting the billiard balls echoes throughout the room as players take turns. As each player lines up their shot, they can feel the tension and excitement building. Every shot in the 8 Ball Pool game online feels like a real game of pool, and the immersive experience will keep you coming back for more.

How To Play & Rules - Eight Ball Pool Game Online

Game Modes

If you are playing alone, you can play against the computer. Three levels are offered in this mode — easy, medium, and hard. Choose the mode based on your expertise and skills.

You can also play the 8 Ball Pool game online with a friend by choosing the multiplayer option. It allows two players to take turns. The rest of the gameplay remains the same.


  1. There are 16 balls, including one cue ball and 15 object balls. The object balls are divided into two categories — solid and striped balls.
  2. The game aims to pocket the 7 balls legally, then the black ball, and then the opponent's 8 balls.
  3. The game can be played with two players or two teams of players or against the computer.
  4. The players take turns shooting the cue ball, and each shot must result in the cue ball making contact with an object ball of the player.
  5. It is a fault if you fail to contact the object ball designated for you.
  6. If a player legally pockets an object ball, they are allowed to shoot again and can continue shooting until they fail to pocket a ball or fault.


  1. If a player fails to hit any object ball with the cue ball on a shot, it is considered a 'fault', and the other player gets the ball in hand.
  2. If a player pockets the cue ball, it is considered a foul, and the opponent gets to choose where to place the ball and strike.

Tips & Tricks For Playing 8 Ball Pool Browser Game

  1. Before you shoot, plan your next shot and the positions of object balls to give yourself the best chance of pocketing them.
  2. The best way to improve aiming is by practicing. Make sure the cue ball aims to spin the object ball in the right direction.
  3. By using spin, you can make the cue ball curve and change its path, which can be very useful in certain situations.
  4. The key to success in an 8 Ball Pool game online is controlling the cue ball. Avoid leaving the cue ball in difficult positions for your next shot, and focus on positioning the cue ball in a favorable position.
  5. Knowing the rules can give you an advantage over your opponent.
  6. The break is the first shot of the game, and it's crucial to get it right. Try experimenting with different positions and power levels to find a break that works for you.
  7. Don't rush your shots. Remain calm and focused, even when things aren't going your way.
  8. Watching other players and professional matches can help you learn new techniques and strategies.

System Requirements

To ensure a seamless gaming experience on EpicPlay, your device must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Windows 7 (64-bit) or higher
  2. Android 4.4 or higher
  3. iOS 8 or higher