Best Online Cricket Games

Best Online Cricket Games

Best Online Cricket Games For PC And Mobile To Play Now

Sukanya VS

Updated on October 3, 2023

Cricket is an all-time favorite sport cherished globally. From iconic stadiums to grounds, cricket has transcended cultural and geographical boundaries. However, with the advent of technology, cricket has taken on a new dimension. Many best online cricket games have become popular among casual gamers across the world.

The immersive experience and the convenience it offers strengthen the game's allure. From becoming highly adaptable by requiring no downloads or installations and mobile games that are portable, the best online cricket games have helped players enter a digital pitch and enjoy hassle-free gameplay. This blog will explore some popular cricket games that are best suited for PC and mobile devices. It will also delve into some of the top-notch multiplayer games that can be played with friends. Additionally, the blog will shed light on some of the best online cricket games without the need to download or use Flash Player.

16 Best Online Cricket Games for PC and Mobile

Numerous cricket games are available in the market, enabling players to enjoy online sports games across platforms. Cricket has penetrated every digital dimension, from desktops and laptops to mobile phones and tablets.

Now that we have seen the list of the best online cricket games for PC and mobile, let’s discuss some of them in detail below.

  1. Cricket Stars

    Cricket enthusiasts can access and experience the thrill of the game online with the help of Cricket Stars, a free game offered by EpicPlay. Whether you are a die-hard cricket fan or just looking for a way to pass the time, Cricket Stars has got you covered. With its realistic simulation and user-friendly interface, the game has a massive fan following.

    In this game, players can step into the shoes of a cricket player, face the bowler, analyze the pitch, and bat their hearts out. Players must watch the ball closely, stay alert, and prepare to move quickly if it catches them off guard. This is a top-notch choice to improve the players' hand-eye coordination.

    If you want to experience the excitement of Cricket Stars, click here to play the online cricket game mobile!

  2. EPL - IPL Cricket Game

    EPL (Epic Premier League) is an immersive online IPL cricket game on EpicPlay that allows players to relive their street cricket memories in a realistically simulated stadium. Gamers can play as their favorite Indian Premier League team and challenge others to climb the leaderboard. They can choose between various IPL teams, play as professional players, and complete high-octane matches.

    The game involves using simple controls, whether on PC or mobile, to strike the ball at the right moment. Every player gets to bat for unlimited overs as their scores get added to the leaderboard. Players can also check their team's standing at the end of the game.

    If you're a fan of IPL cricket and want to experience the thrill of playing as your favorite team, try out the exciting IPL cricket game online on EpicPlay now!

  3. Runout Champ

    Runout Champ is the go-to game for all levels of cricket fans. This is one of the best online cricket games that enables players to act as fielders and helps them score by hitting the stumps with the ball before the batsman reaches the crease. This game is quite different from the other cricket games online, which focus solely on batting and bowling.

    With easy-to-follow steps and three different modes- Time Stumps, Normal, and Golden Wicket, this game offers a simple and enjoyable cricket experience. To play, gamers must just flick the ball toward the stump to throw it. The goal is to hit the stumps before the batsman reaches them to score points and become the ultimate runout champ.

    If you want to experience the thrill of becoming a Runout Champ, check out the Run out cricket game now!

  4. Real Cricket 20

    Real Cricket 20 is an online game that aims to provide the ultimate cricketing experience for all kinds of gamers. With an array of exciting features, this game offers an authentic and adrenaline-pumping experience. Challenge Mode allows you to be a part of epic battles from cricket history and finish chases your way.

    Real Cricket 20: Online Cricket Game

    Real Cricket 20: Online Cricket Game

    The game also allows players to recreate their memories of the Cricket World Cup and RCPL editions. The gameplay introduces Batting Types, distinguishing between various batsmen and their play styles with unique cricket shots and aggression levels. This is one of the best online cricket games that challenges players to grind through tough moments and easily hit sixes.

  5. World Cricket Championship 2

    World Cricket Championship 2 is one of the best online cricket games packed with best-in-class features, real-time motion capture of players, and multiple tournaments like T20, ODI, and test matches for players to showcase their expertise. WCC3 allows players to play over 400 matches across 25 series with stunning visuals.

    They get to make tactical decisions in the match selection and gear choices and can upgrade gear to achieve their goals.

There are various multiplayer games that incorporate fun tournaments and challenges. Here is a list of online multiplayer games that can be played with friends.

  1. Big Bash Cricket

    Online Multiplayer Cricket Games

    Online Multiplayer Cricket Games

    It is an online multiplayer cricket game that brings the excitement of the Australian Cricket League to gamers' devices. The game allows players to participate as real-life athletes and compete against the best in the Big Bash League. The game also has easy-to-follow rules and offers modes like Quick Play, Mini Game Super Over, KFC Bucket Ball Challenge, and more.

  2. WCC Rivals Cricket Multiplayer

    This is one of the best online cricket games that is multiplayer and can help gamers connect with friends. The "Spectator and Caster" mode will provide an immersive experience with multiple camera angles. Gamers can create their team and match with opponents and engage in matches, tournaments, top-notch bowlers, and high-stake chases.

  3. Cricket League

    This online multiplayer cricket game is a fast, authentic 3D real-time game. With two-over matches, gamers can experience the joy of playing cricket in just a few minutes. The game has easy-to-learn batting and bowling controls, making it accessible to players regardless of their skills. Gamers can create their ultimate squad and aim for victory on the world's iconic grounds from Mumbai to Melbourne. The mobile version of this game can unlock various characters, level up the players, and explore new playing styles.

  4. Cricket Clash Live - 3D Real C

    This online multiplayer cricket game promises a unique batting experience to all players. The game has motion-captured bowling and batting animations, enabling real-time gameplay with opponents from multiple locations. The game also has daily events like Only Sixes or Score More to keep the adrenaline pumping. The game also introduces a twist where gamers can score twice the runs in the last over, making it one of the best online cricket games in the market.

  5. Stick Cricket Live

    This online multiplayer cricket game enables players to experience the thrill of real-life cricket by matching players worldwide. The game also allows players to engage with opponents with pre-programmed phrases and emojis, adding a social element to the game. Gamers can also unlock different bowlers, stadiums, and gear kits as they progress.

  6. Battle of Chepauk 2

    This game allows players to take on the role of Chennai Super Kings, one of the popular teams in the Indian Premier League. The game offers a cricket simulation where players can slide their fingers to hit the ball in the desired direction. Battle Of Chepauk 2 offers different modes to cater to various preferences. With immersive graphics, the game has an impressive soundtrack, adding to the excitement, and making it one of the best online cricket games.

These games have an inherent social aspect since they involve teamwork and collaboration. Online multiplayer cricket games often include in-game chat features, enabling players to communicate during matches. Playing online cricket games with friends provides a fun and immersive escape from daily routines, offering stress relief and entertainment.

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Here is a list of the best online cricket games that do not require the need to download or use a Flash player:

  1. Gully Cricket

    Gully Cricket Game Online

    Gully Cricket Game Online

    Gully Cricket paves the way for cricket enthusiasts to nostalgia since it tries to capture the carefree essence of neighborhood cricket matches. The game has no professional rules and calls for players to swing their bats as hard as possible and hit as many balls as possible. The game assigns opponents, and players must display their skills in the digital domain through batting. The game gives the title "super hitter" to any player who smashes three 4s in a row.

  2. Cricket Batter Challenge

    Cricket Batter Challenge is an exciting choice for all cricket enthusiasts who want to play free online games. It stands out as one of the best online cricket games, featuring stunning graphics and immersive audio, adding to the experience. The game allows players to have practice sessions with three attempts to hit the ball. Players can restart the game and use the arrow keys to control their gameplay. They must time their hits perfectly when the ball turns green on the pitch and aim to set a new record.

  3. Cricket Fielder Challenge

    Cricket Fielder Challenge is a free online cricket game that tests gamers' fielding skills and appeals to fans worldwide. As a wicketkeeper, the gamer must be alert, observant, and attentive to their surroundings and the ball. Gamers must match as many shots as possible to score well. Gamers can use the mouse or pointer to control the glove and focus on the batsman's shots to make successful catches.

  4. Cricket Master Blaster

    Cricket Master Blaster is one of the best online cricket games requiring no Flash Player or downloading. It is perfect for players of all ages and offers a captivating gameplay experience. With simple steps, players can score considerable numbers in this game.

  5. Smashtastic Cricket

    This online cricket game combines fast-paced arcade-style gaming with a deep RPG career mode. The game has swipe controls to make batting intuitive and fun. Gamers can gain rewards for scoring 50s and 100s, ranging from Common Oranges to Epic Tacos and Legendary Kranskys, all contributing to boosting their batting skills. The more balls the gamers hit, the more powerups they gain in this game, like Power, Fitness, and Spirit.

Concluding Thoughts

While cricket has been around for a long time, the dynamic realm of the best online cricket games has gained a strong foothold and is here to stay. With the advent of technologies like machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR), some of the best online cricket games have already reached unprecedented levels and serve as a vast source of entertainment.

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