Top Online Chess Sites

Top Online Chess Sites

Discover Top 5 Online Chess Sites For A Mind Challenge

Kanchan Sharma

Updated on October 3, 2023

This article looks at the top 5 online chess sites you should be using in 2023 and beyond. From in-depth tutorials and puzzles to powerful gaming engines and live tournament broadcasts, these platforms provide a variety of resources.

Top 5 Online Chess Sites in 2023

Here is the list of top 5 online chess sites in 2023:

  1. Epicplay.in
  2. Chess.com
  3. Lichess.org
  4. Chess24.com
  5. Chessclub.com
  1. Epicplay.in

    Epic Chess: Online Chess Game

    Epic Chess: Online Chess Game

    Epicplay.in is first on our list of top 5 online chess sites. You may access thrilling games at EpicPlay, a free online gaming website in India. Every game is free and focuses on the players' enjoyment and user experience. What else? They don't require downloading or installation.

    An average of 20,000 gamers actively play games daily in a wide range of genres, including puzzle and logic games, building and block games, and fun and casual games. The fact that all the games are free to play is the best part!

    Epic Chess is available on EpicPlay.in in the board games section. This is a free online chess game against computer.

    Epic Chess allows you to play at your own pace with clarity, which is one of its best features. You can choose the right level of challenge to sharpen your skills against the machine depending on your expertise. Each player has a king, queen, two bishops, two rooks, two knights, and eight pawns, or "soldiers", who go on a rampage and kill each other's pieces. You can use your pieces to checkmate your opponent's king.

    Give Epic Chess a try if you're looking for a fun and cost-free game to sharpen your abilities and stretch your intellect.

  2. Chess.com

    Chess.com: Online Chess Website

    Chess.com: Online Chess Website

    Another one of the top 5 online chess sites on our list is chess.com. With more than 100 million users, Chess.com is the biggest online chess community. You can play chess on the platform in real-time or in correspondence-style games with a few days between moves.

    Although the platform is free to use, you may pay for a premium membership to access additional features like training materials, videos, and performance statistics.

    Chess.com's play zone is quite busy and matches users with opponents who have similar ratings quickly and readily. The top world Grandmasters compete in online matches on the Chess.com platform, allowing users to view competitive chess in action.

    Chess.com keeps its users informed about the global chess scene by offering live-streaming coverage of significant chess events in addition to its educational resources and gameplay. The website's extensive forum, which has discussions and answers to questions on many chess-related issues, is another helpful feature.

  3. Lichess.org

    Lichess: Online Chess Website

    Lichess: Online Chess Website

    Lichess.org is one of the top 5 online chess sites available. If you want to learn about chess without spending a fortune, Lichess.org is ideal. Lichess.org has quickly become a popular chess site because of its commitment to remaining ad- and cost-free.

    Thibault Duplessis created the website in 2010 as a side project at first. Duplessis sought to offer a substitute for chess enthusiasts who were dissatisfied with the premium online chess services.

    Numerous chess players who couldn't afford the subscription were excluded from these websites since their best features were only available to premium users. You can play chess online for thousands of hours with Lichess.org, though. Today, this service hosts more than 1 million games daily.

    Despite the site's no-cost policy, many users support Lichess, allowing it to grow and offer more tournaments, simuls, team matches, and events like "Lichess TV," where users can watch real-time games by the site's top players.

  4. Chess24.com

    Our list of the top 5 online chess sites includes Chess24.com because it is one of the newest and complete chess platforms. You can play chess, watch grandmasters play, or watch live tournaments to learn the game. Furthermore, a lot of the tools are free!

    The interface has a clean and fresh design, which is among its best features. Additionally, daily chess news is available for reading and following. Chess24's user-friendly design was a major factor in its success as the most widely used game broadcasting website.

    It is a convenient platform for chess fans because users can effortlessly switch between the current rankings, round results, forum discussions, live video coverage, and the game inside a single tab.

    The variety of interactive tutorials and expert-led video series add to the site's appeal. In addition, it offers a Playzone where users may test their abilities against human or automated opponents.

  5. Chessclub.com

    Last but not least on our list of top 5 online chess sites is Chessclub.com (Internet Chess Club). Internet Chess Club is the go-to place if you want to play against grandmasters and other titled players. There is a one-week trial period even though membership is not free.

    Internet Chess Club (ICC) was the king of Internet chess before Chess.com and Chess24.com gained popularity. Daniel Sleator created it in 1995, and by 2005, it had more than 30,000 members.

    Internet Chess Club is still a fantastic option if you're seeking chess-playing websites. Even Grandmasters and players at the international level from around the world competed against one another. Because of this, the Internet Chess Club is among the top chess communities and our list of top 5 online chess sites, especially if you want to learn from the best.

By using the top 5 online chess sites on our list, you can compete with players from across the globe. Now, let's take a glimpse at the reasons why playing chess online has been so popular in recent years.

The Popularity of Online Chess

Recently, chess has gained widespread acceptance. In the past, people had misconceptions about the game, such that it was uninteresting. People have only recently become aware of how fascinating and mentally engaging it can be.

New players have reported finding the game so tempting that they can't spend a day without playing it at least once. Social media users have suddenly started following chess players who weren't as well-known before. Finally, some recognition of their talent and struggle has come.

Chess was invented in India, so it is unquestionably a proud moment for Indians. Now, everyone has access to it rather than just a small group of individuals. As digital technology has developed, gamers can now easily participate in competitions and matches and interact with opponents from around the globe.

To improve the playing experience, some of the best chess websites also provide a variety of services like free tutorials, analytical tools, and chat rooms. These added elements help gamers develop their skill set and keep them interested for longer.

Factors Contributing to Online Chess Popularity

Here are a few of the significant factors that helped chess become popular online:

  1. Online Chess Championships: The rise in online chess championships has led to an increase in online chess sites. There were international competitions, including global champions, that were broadcast online. These received social media promotion, which greatly expanded the online audience size.

  2. Lockdown: Due to COVID-19, children and adults were searching for a competitive and enjoyable activity to engage in. Many people lost their employment, while some worked remotely. However, because the majority of places were closed, everyone had free time on their hands. Some people choose to play free online games, including chess, to learn something new with all their free time. Chess became a diversion from boredom, which is how its popularity increased.

  3. YouTube: Chess is challenging to understand, and most people never learn the fundamentals because of a lack of appropriate coaching. YouTube channels have filled this market gap, which has led to an increase in the number of online chess websites. These days, YouTubers have entire channels devoted to teaching chess, where they break down the basics of chess for their audience.

  4. Availability of Online Resources: The abundance of high-quality video tutorials, instructions, and live broadcasts created by accomplished chess players and chess enthusiasts is another factor contributing to the success of popular chess sites.

  5. Availability of New Chess Formats: The development of new chess formats is another compelling reason for the popularity of modern online board games like chess. Traditional chess games took place over several hours, but new formats and variations of this online board game—the most popular of which are bullet, blitz, rapid, and daily—offer a more up-to-date, thrilling method of playing the game.

  6. Increasing Media Attention and Viewership: Another critical element in promoting online chess is growing media attention and audience numbers. There are now tens of thousands of watchers and participants in live events, which boosts fan engagement and participation. Because of better media coverage and online streaming, a larger audience has more straightforward access to chess.

The Ever-Evolving Chess Experience

Chess is a strategy game that takes some time to master. Fortunately, you may play as many games as you want to sharpen your grasp of this age-old game with these top 5 online chess sites.

Chess is continually changing as time goes on. You may learn more about playing chess every day, whether you choose to play on a traditional chess board or prefer to play it online. However, this list of the top 5 online chess sites will do wonders for you if you don't have a chessboard or want to play with other chess players online.

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