Brain games: online and offline

Brain games: online and offline

5 Brain Games You Can't Miss Playing Online And Offline

Sabqat Ruba

Updated on August 21, 2023

While gaming is considered an activity to do in your free time, and it is the favorite pastime for many, it can also help train your mind and improve your brain health. Brain games like Sudoku, crossword, and quizzes improve your mental being in more ways than one. They improve your reasoning ability, memory, and attention span and even prevent brain aging. Clearly, brain games deserve to be a much popular genre, both online and offline. In this article, we’ll read about the top five brain games that you cannot miss playing both in modern-day online and traditional offline ways.


Sudoku is one of an age-old online puzzle games that, before becoming popular online, initially featured in newspapers, magazines, puzzle books, and other books. Sudoku is a Japanese word that means ‘single digit’ or ‘the numbers must remain single’. Even today, Sudoku is a well-known offline game that people with a knack for puzzles, reasoning, and logic play widely.

In Sudoku, you must fill a 9X9 square with numbers ranging from 1 to 9 without repeating vertically or horizontally. However, different game publishers support multiple difficulty levels, such as Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert, and Evil, and you can choose to play depending on your expertise.


Chess is the one board game that has always been popular as the game of the intellectuals. This offline board game dates back to the 6th century in India and is believed to have been born from the Indian game Chaturanga, which was played on an 8X8 grid similar to modern-day chess. So what is chess all about? It is a two-player game that is played on an 8X8 checkerboard that is black and white; one color for each opponent. The aim of the game is to capture the opponent’s king by moving the pieces alternatingly, starting with white.

The best part is that the internet era has caused even the most traditional games, including chess, to have an online existence. You can play it on your mobile phones or desktops with your friends or other players around the globe. You can even play online chess game against computer or a bot, which is a great way to practice. Many websites, including EpicPlay, host an online version of the game, which is free to play.

play chess against computer

play chess against computer

Block Puzzles

Block puzzle games are the most popular sub-genre of brain games. They involve solving and clearing puzzles that are in the form of blocks or tiles. For example, the Fusion Blocks game on EpicPlay is one of the best free online games if you enjoy playing brain games. It is a variation of the much popular Tetris, where you must clear the grid by arranging blocks in a single vertical or horizontal line. It is a great exercise for your brain as you need to use your reasoning and visualization skills to play Fusion Blocks.


A popular puzzle game that most people find tricky, 2048 is rather exciting and mind-boggling. Owing to its unique blend of logic, reasoning, and numbers, it can easily be called a brain game that requires some level of skills to finish.

2048 is a game that requires you to slide numbered tiles and combine them to finally achieve the number 2048. It was originally released in 2014 by the publisher - Solebon LLC. It has always been an online puzzle game and is predominantly played on mobile devices. But you can even play the 2048 game online on EpicPlay, where you can find a detailed set of instructions to help you to successfully get to the end of the game.

2048: number puzzle game

2048: number puzzle game


Scrabble is an all-time favorite of most people, especially those adept at the English language. Sounds tough, doesn’t it? Scrabble is a form of a board game that may be claimed as similar to crossword puzzles but even has significant differences from the latter. It is a brain game in that it requires you to quickly think of and build new words from a limited choice of letters while increasing your score, which is determined by the markings on the board. It is a multiplayer game with up to four players allowed. Today, many online games inspired by scrabble and related to word-building are available on the app stores and gaming websites.

It is safe to say that brain games are a fun way to do something productive and meaningful. With the number of innovations increasing by the day, new and exciting games are being added to the internet space, including brain-training games. However, just these games will not suffice in maintaining your brain health. You must be physically active, socially active, and eat healthy food to retain a positive mental being. In addition to these practices, playing puzzle, logic, reasoning, and strategy-based games can provide an advantage in achieving good brain health.

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